This commit enables arbitrary instrumentation points at the last instruction
[dyninst.git] / dyninstAPI / h / BPatch_memoryAccess_NP.h
2002-09-23 gaburiciAdded string ops., non-temporals and prefetches to...
2002-08-16 gaburiciAdded conditional inst. points and correct cmov mem...
2002-08-06 gaburiciEnabled test6 on NT; minor fixes
2002-08-05 gaburiciTranslation from C++ to VC++ 6.0
2002-08-04 gaburiciAdded x86 memory instrumentation (core)
2002-05-29 bernatAdded default constructor
2002-03-21 gaburicifindFunctionByAddress bypass on AIX
2001-12-14 gaburicirenamed the memory access classes
2001-12-09 gaburiciAdded effective address snippet for SPARC
2001-11-28 gaburiciAdded effective address snippet on POWER
2001-10-30 gaburiciAdded memory access instrumentation on Power and SPARC