This commit enables arbitrary instrumentation points at the last instruction
[dyninst.git] / dyninstAPI / h / BPatch_Set.h
2003-03-03 buckRemoved dependency on common/h/language.h.
2003-01-02 schendelupdates so dyninstAPI and the dyninstAPI tests can...
2002-06-17 gaburiciCompilation fixes for gcc 3.1, MSVC 6.0 & 7.0
2001-08-01 chaddThis commit provides code for the Windows CE 3.0 Pocket PC
2001-02-01 pcrothAdded DLL linkage specification to class declarations...
2000-08-21 buckAdd new tests for control flow graph functions, fixes for
2000-03-16 tikirenabled compilation for NT. Related to declaration
2000-03-15 tikirsome modifications for teh code to be compiled in
2000-03-14 tikiradditions to the header files for line information...