Fix Windows compiler warnings
[dyninst.git] / dynC_API /
2011-05-24 Matthew P. LegendreCleanup
2011-05-05 Bill WilliamsSearch for libraries in build locations, not install...
2011-05-05 Bill WilliamsPoint includes at the build directory, not the install...
2011-04-04 David AeschlimannUpdated dynC_API Manual version number, removed draft...
2011-04-04 David AeschlimannCleans out unnecessary files inadvertently left by...
2011-03-30 legendre1Fix dync always re-installing include files
2011-03-30 legendre1Fix dynC not building with prefix argument
2011-03-22 David AeschlimannAdded missing file, changed procedure to...
2011-03-22 David AeschlimannCode clean up.
2011-03-22 David AeschlimannBuild fix for dynC on ppc32, ppc64, and AMD64
2011-03-21 David AeschlimannMinor revisions to dynC behavior to align with changes...
2011-03-21 David AeschlimannAdded draft of dynC API manual
2011-03-21 David AeschlimannIntermidiate commit for AIX build fix.
2011-03-16 Madhavi KrishnanUpdate copyright
2011-03-12 Ray ChenGCC 4.5.1 compatibility fixes for the 7.0 release.
2011-01-14 Madhavi KrishnanAdding new platform:ppc32_bgp
2011-01-06 Daniel McNultyMerge branch 'master' into pcint
2011-01-06 David Aeschlimanni386 build fix for dynC generated source files.
2011-01-06 David AeschlimannAIX fix
2011-01-04 David AeschlimannFixed release number error
2011-01-04 David AeschlimannMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-10-20 David AeschlimannInitial DynC_API commit.