use compiler intrinsics on x64
[dyninst.git] / dataflowAPI /
2016-11-11 Peter Foleymake dataflowAPI build on x64
2016-11-02 Bill WilliamsRemove redundant stream operator definitions to make... 135/head
2016-11-01 Bill WilliamsCleanup to get test suite building and passing locally...
2016-10-31 Bill WilliamsRemove IDE files from repo
2016-10-31 Bill WilliamsCleanup so we build cleanly under boost 1.41/gcc 4...
2016-10-14 Bill WilliamsMerge pull request #180 from dyninst/release9.2/fixes...
2016-09-28 Peter Foleyfix parseAPI/dataflowAPI warnings
2016-09-20 John DetterUpdate
2016-09-18 Sunny ShahThe argument to SymEvalSemantics::addWithCarries for...
2016-09-14 John DetterUpdated READMEs for Github markdown
2016-08-31 Josh Stonespace out template '>>' for pre-C++11 compatibility
2016-08-21 Peter Foleywarnings
2016-08-21 Peter FoleyFix even more warnings
2016-08-21 Peter Foleywarnings
2016-08-21 Peter FoleyFix warnings
2016-08-17 Matt MorehouseImplement interprocedural analysis for StackMod.
2016-08-12 Matt MorehouseAssume XMM registers contain floating-point values.
2016-08-12 Matt MorehouseStop following catch edges during stack analysis.
2016-08-12 Matt MorehouseRemove EDX from x86 return registers.
2016-08-12 Matt MorehouseRewrite default instruction handler.
2016-08-12 Bill WilliamsMerge pull request #143 from dyninst/release9.2/fixes...
2016-08-03 John DetterAdded asserts in liveness.C to prevent buffer underread... 141/head
2016-07-29 John DetterMatt's patch applied 134/head
2016-07-26 Josh StonedataflowAPI: space out template '>>' for pre-C++11...
2016-07-26 Matt MorehouseAdd support for immediate pushes in StackAnalysis.
2016-07-22 Peter Foleymake Rose build on windows 129/head
2016-07-22 Peter FoleyFix std::isnan compile error
2016-07-22 Sunny ShahThe include "libtasn1.h" was wrongly added and shouldn...
2016-07-21 ssunny7Merge pull request #127 from dyninst/arm64/feature...
2016-07-18 Sunny Shahset_type() in SgAsmExpression has to be virtual 127/head
2016-07-14 Sunny ShahFixed issues seen while parsing a simple ARM binary
2016-07-13 Sunny ShahCreate Dispatcher object during symbolic expansion...
2016-07-13 Sunny ShahFixed issues seen while building SymEvalSemantics.C.
2016-07-13 Sunny ShahAdded implementation for RiscOperators::addWithCarries().
2016-07-12 John DetterFix for #114. Support has been added for 32 bit YMM...
2016-07-12 Sunny ShahAllow accessing StateARM64's Dyninst::Address member...
2016-07-08 Sunny ShahAdded definitions for the remaining pure virtual member...
2016-07-08 Sunny ShahAdded definitions for about half of the pure virtual...
2016-07-08 Sunny ShahDefinitions of the register state, memory state and...
2016-07-05 Sunny ShahAdded definitions/declarations of methods for the ARM64...
2016-07-01 Sunny ShahClass declarations for SymEvalSemantics
2016-06-30 Sunny ShahInitialize semantics for use with ARM64
2016-06-29 Bill WilliamsAdd dataflow manual.
2016-06-29 Matt MorehouseTrack the relationship between base and subregisters.
2016-06-29 Matt MorehouseRemove flag tracking from StackAnalysis.
2016-06-29 Matt MorehouseImprove handling of XOR.
2016-06-29 Matt MorehouseChange representation of delta functions.
2016-06-29 Matt MorehouseRemove sentinel values from Height and TransferFunc...
2016-06-29 Matt MorehouseReorganize StackAnalysis header file.
2016-06-29 Matt MorehouseAdd function summary capability to StackAnalysis.
2016-06-29 Matt MorehouseMiscellaneous accumulation logic fixes.
2016-06-29 Matt MorehouseFix return handling and add memory tracking for leave...
2016-06-29 Matt MorehouseAdd memory tracking for push/pop instructions.
2016-06-29 Matt MorehouseRename aliasFunc to copyFunc.
2016-06-29 Matt MorehouseAdd check for stack accesses with unknown offsets.
2016-06-29 Sunny ShahMerge branch 'arm64/feature/semantics_importnew'
2016-06-27 Sunny ShahMerge branch 'master' of
2016-06-27 Sunny ShahIntegration of ROSE's new semantics framework with...
2016-06-16 Xiaozhu MengMerge branch 'vs_build_fixes' of
2016-06-15 Sunny ShahMerge branch 'arm64/feature/semantics_roseconvert'
2016-06-15 Peter FoleyVisual Studio build fixes
2016-06-10 Xiaozhu MengVarious fixes for jump table analysis 1. add instructio...
2016-06-09 Bill WilliamsDefine htobe on Windows/MSVC as a wrapper for _byteswap...
2016-06-07 Matt MorehouseGrammar and formatting fixes for DataflowAPI manual.
2016-06-07 Sunny ShahSupport for conversion from Instruction API objects...
2016-06-03 Xiaozhu MengDataflowAPI manual writing
2016-05-27 Bill WilliamsFirst pass at PPC64 semantics.
2016-05-19 John DetterMerge branch 'master' into VEX
2016-05-16 Bill WilliamsMerge 9.2 branch back to master (#51)
2016-05-13 John DetterMerge branch 'master' into VEX
2016-05-12 Bill WilliamsFix old ppc32/ppc64 hacks, and instead use the right...
2016-05-10 John DetterMerge branch 'master' into VEX
2016-05-06 Peter FoleyReduce namespace pollution
2016-05-05 Matt MorehouseAdd PPC return registers to ABI class.
2016-05-04 John DetterMerge branch 'master' into VEX
2016-04-19 John DetterApplied some patches from local VEX features branch
2016-04-15 Bill WilliamsFix vpadd decoding. Clean up control flow target logic...
2016-04-15 Bill WilliamsThread safety and memory improvements
2016-04-15 John DetterDyninst can now use am_H addressing mode
2016-03-17 Bill WilliamsPPC/little-endian build patch
2016-03-14 Sunny ShahMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2016-02-23 Matt MorehouseStopped bottoming target registers of add/sub in some...
2016-02-23 Matt MorehouseImproved handling of sign/zero extends.
2016-02-23 Matt MorehouseStarted topping loads from undetermined (topped) locations.
2016-02-23 Matt MorehouseMemory leak fixes and stopped tracking topped locations.
2016-02-23 Matt MorehouseImplemented naive stack slot tracking.
2016-02-23 Matt MorehouseTightened up add/sub handling and added support for...
2016-02-23 Matt MorehouseImproved LEA handling and added mul/div handling.
2016-02-23 Matt MorehouseImplemented basic memory tracking for stack analysis.
2016-02-23 Matt MorehouseMade several improvements to our stack analysis code.
2016-02-23 Allison MorrisBuild compatibility with Visual Studio 2015.
2016-02-02 John DetterMerge branch 'v9.1.x' into VEX
2016-01-12 John DetterDyninst can now use am_H addressing mode
2016-01-12 Allison MorrisVarious DataflowAPI, DyninstAPI, PatchAPI, and runtime...
2015-12-08 Bill WilliamsSlicing: ignore catch edges.
2015-07-24 Xiaozhu MengThis commit merges my various changes in parsing to...
2015-07-24 Xiaozhu MengAlways use cache in slicing, but clear the cache when...
2015-07-23 Josh StonedataflowAPI: use boost::bind() instead of bind<void>()
2015-07-23 Xiaozhu MengDebug output cleanning and ParseAPI manual update
2015-07-22 Xiaozhu MengChange slice interface to allow choose whether control...