Slicing changes
[dyninst.git] / dataflowAPI / src / slicing.C
2010-12-03 Madhavi KrishnanSlicing changes
2010-11-23 Emily JacobsonRemove self-loops from slices.
2010-11-19 Nathan RosenblumOptimize order of slice expansion
2010-11-19 Nathan RosenblumImproves efficiency of the slicing algorithm
2010-11-04 Emily JacobsonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-11-04 Emily JacobsonChanged backward slicing to not re-trigger parsing...
2010-10-28 Andrew BernatFix problem in mis-identifying cycles in slices.
2010-10-20 Emily JacobsonAdded missing std:: namespace specifiers.
2010-10-19 Emily JacobsonAdded support for "callpath sensitive" backward slicing.
2010-10-11 Andrew BernatFix stack comparison bug.
2010-10-11 Andrew BernatFix stack comparison bug.
2010-09-01 Andrew BernatChange Abslocs to use ParseAPI::Functions instead of...
2010-08-26 Kevin RoundyMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-08-26 Kevin RoundyFixes to DataflowAPI's backwards slicing code
2010-08-26 Emily JacobsonFixed case in which an element was pushed onto the...
2010-08-09 Andrew BernatFix warnings in AST subclasses; rename DataflowAPI...
2010-07-23 Andrew BernatMove SymEval to production name of DataflowAPI.