Decrease jump table analysis bound
[dyninst.git] / common /
2016-06-14 Xiaozhu MengMerge branch 'master' of
2016-06-14 Xiaozhu MengCorrectly decode movsxd instruction operand sizes
2016-06-13 John DetterFixed instruction semantic assert issue
2016-06-13 John DetterMerge branch 'VEX' of into VEX
2016-06-13 John DetterInstruction movlsq->movsx mnumonic and operand fix
2016-06-13 John DetterFix for mapREX
2016-06-13 John DetterAnother REX fix
2016-06-13 John DetterFix for Xiaozhu's issue
2016-06-12 Peter FoleyBuild fix for addrtranslate (#87)
2016-06-10 John DetterMerge branch 'VEX'
2016-06-10 John Detterkmask memory addressing mode now properly parses modr...
2016-06-10 John DetterFix for square root floating point instructions (#82)
2016-06-10 John Dettersseidx fixes for group map tables
2016-06-10 John DetterPatch for sseMapTer decoding logic issue.
2016-06-10 John DetterGit log corrections -- small fixes 82/head
2016-06-10 John DetterSignificant fixes to John Mellor-Crummey's binary parsi...
2016-06-09 John DetterFixed floating point square root instructions
2016-06-09 John DetterSignificant fixes to John Crummy's binary parsing issue.
2016-06-09 Bill WilliamsSet defaults for Windows first-party stack walking...
2016-06-07 Matt MorehouseGrammar and formatting fixes for DataflowAPI manual.
2016-06-03 John DetterSmall fixes for addressing modes V and W
2016-06-03 John DetterAddressing mode am_V fix for high numbered floating...
2016-05-31 John DetterAdded am_T back into InstructionDecoder-x86.C 68/head
2016-05-24 John DetterMerge branch 'master' into VEX
2016-05-23 John DetterMasking registers are now part of the operand list
2016-05-23 John DetterSmall VEX bug fixes found by Nathan
2016-05-20 Sunny ShahAdded definition of a single register representing...
2016-05-20 Sunny ShahSystem register definitions for ARM64
2016-05-19 John DetterFixed misparsed group instructions
2016-05-19 John DetterBacked off symtab change
2016-05-18 John DetterSmall bug/instrution fixes.
2016-05-17 John DetterAdded a variety of instructions including non-volatile...
2016-05-14 John DetterMore small VEX instruction fixes
2016-05-13 John DetterFixed vmread/vmwrite
2016-05-13 John Dettergroup map VEX instructions have much cleaner decoding.
2016-05-13 John DetterFixing some VEX instruction bugs
2016-05-13 John DetterMinor Refactoring
2016-05-12 John DetterImplemented rdrand instruction. Now having issue with...
2016-05-12 Josh StoneRemove low-level warnings from ptrace read/write failures 43/head
2016-05-11 John DetterMerge branch 'master' into VEX
2016-05-11 John DetterFixed issue with REP/REPZ decodings
2016-05-11 John DetterFixed some issues that the table verifier found
2016-05-10 Josh StoneRemove low-level warnings from ptrace read/write failures 39/head
2016-05-10 John DetterMerge branch 'master' into VEX
2016-05-10 John DetterMerge branch 'VEX' of into VEX
2016-05-07 Peter FoleyAllow dyninst to be compiled using clang
2016-05-06 John DetterFixed MMX assert issue, new issue with dyninstAPI/src...
2016-05-06 Peter FoleyCleanup warnings
2016-05-06 Peter FoleyReduce namespace pollution
2016-05-04 Marty McFaddenChanged interface to getABIVersion() so that it could... 10/head
2016-05-04 John DetterMerge branch 'master' into VEX
2016-05-04 John DetterFixed issue with null pointer dereference in InstructionAPI
2016-05-03 Marty McFadden 1) Cmake support for PPC64LE builds
2016-05-02 John DetterFixed instruction name typo
2016-05-02 John DetterSSEB table had an off by one entry -- vblendv[ps, pd...
2016-04-26 John DetterVEX register operands working with am_H, am_V, am_W...
2016-04-21 Bill WilliamsGCC 4.8 build fixes: ensure all extern template declara...
2016-04-21 John DetterWorking on adding higher number register support for...
2016-04-21 John DetterAdded addressing modes into common
2016-04-21 John DetterStructural changes to VEX decodings
2016-04-19 John DetterProject building again, patching is complete -- testing
2016-04-19 John DetterApplied some patches from local VEX features branch
2016-04-19 John DetterLots of AVX instructions added/fixed
2016-04-19 Bill WilliamsVersion goes to 9.2. All independent defines/constants...
2016-04-19 Bill WilliamsFix a PPC64 bit of compiler weirdness--signed char...
2016-04-15 John DetterFixed more VEX2 table entries
2016-04-15 John DetterFix for operand mode bugs
2016-04-15 John DetterFixed an issue with vpadd (VEX2) and added more error...
2016-04-15 Bill WilliamsFix vpadd decoding. Clean up control flow target logic...
2016-04-15 John DetterLots of improvements:
2016-04-15 Bill WilliamsThread safety and memory improvements
2016-04-15 John DetterFixed assert failure that gets triggered when processin...
2016-04-15 John DetterAdded support for new SHA-512 instructions
2016-04-15 John DetterSome VEX512 instructions decoded
2016-04-15 John DetterImplemented a ton of EVEX instructions
2016-04-15 John DetterNew tables are imported with no build problems -- testing
2016-04-15 John DetterAbout to replace all of the tables with autogenerated...
2016-04-15 John DetterSSEB map autogenerated
2016-04-15 John DetterSSE enum autogenerated
2016-04-15 John DetterAbout to add all EVEX instructions
2016-04-15 John DetterWeird issue with adding properties to prefix class
2016-04-15 John DetterVEX2 and VEX3 prefixed instructions should be implemented
2016-04-15 John DetterAdded SSETER map stubs -- untested
2016-04-15 John DetterAdded SSEBIS map autogenerated stubs
2016-04-15 John DetterAdding autogenerated stubs -- untested
2016-04-15 John DetterAbout to import output from generation script
2016-04-15 John DetterAdded support for about 50 new AVX-512 instructions
2016-04-15 John DetterAdded mneumonics for new VEX2 and VEX3 instructions
2016-04-15 John DetterAll AVX and AVX2 Series instructions (included 4 op...
2016-04-15 John DetterCan now understand basic 4 operand VEX instructions
2016-04-15 John DetterAll of the working instructions have
2016-04-15 John DetterMoved as many VEX3 instructions into the sse tables...
2016-04-15 John Dettervpermilps instruction length fixed
2016-04-15 John Dettervpermpd and vpermq fixed
2016-04-15 John DetterAdded support for the 2 different operand modes for...
2016-04-15 John DetterDyninst can now use am_H addressing mode
2016-04-15 John DetterStarting more in depth testing
2016-04-15 John DetterSome AVX, AVX2 instructions have operands decoded
2016-04-15 John DetterSome VEX instructions have operands decoded
2016-04-15 John DetterStarted working on VEX operand decoding.