Fix vpadd decoding. Clean up control flow target logic and shared pointer constructio...
[dyninst.git] / common / src / arch-x86.C
2016-04-15 Bill WilliamsFix vpadd decoding. Clean up control flow target logic...
2016-04-15 John DetterLots of improvements:
2016-04-15 Bill WilliamsThread safety and memory improvements
2016-04-15 John DetterFixed assert failure that gets triggered when processin...
2016-04-15 John DetterAdded support for new SHA-512 instructions
2016-04-15 John DetterSome VEX512 instructions decoded
2016-04-15 John DetterImplemented a ton of EVEX instructions
2016-04-15 John DetterNew tables are imported with no build problems -- testing
2016-04-15 John DetterAbout to replace all of the tables with autogenerated...
2016-04-15 John DetterSSEB map autogenerated
2016-04-15 John DetterSSE enum autogenerated
2016-04-15 John DetterAbout to add all EVEX instructions
2016-04-15 John DetterWeird issue with adding properties to prefix class
2016-04-15 John DetterVEX2 and VEX3 prefixed instructions should be implemented
2016-04-15 John DetterAdded SSETER map stubs -- untested
2016-04-15 John DetterAdded SSEBIS map autogenerated stubs
2016-04-15 John DetterAdding autogenerated stubs -- untested
2016-04-15 John DetterAbout to import output from generation script
2016-04-15 John DetterAdded support for about 50 new AVX-512 instructions
2016-04-15 John DetterAdded mneumonics for new VEX2 and VEX3 instructions
2016-04-15 John DetterAll AVX and AVX2 Series instructions (included 4 op...
2016-04-15 John DetterCan now understand basic 4 operand VEX instructions
2016-04-15 John DetterAll of the working instructions have
2016-04-15 John DetterMoved as many VEX3 instructions into the sse tables...
2016-04-15 John Dettervpermilps instruction length fixed
2016-04-15 John Dettervpermpd and vpermq fixed
2016-04-15 John DetterAdded support for the 2 different operand modes for...
2016-04-15 John DetterDyninst can now use am_H addressing mode
2016-04-15 John DetterStarting more in depth testing
2016-04-15 John DetterSome AVX, AVX2 instructions have operands decoded
2016-04-15 John DetterSome VEX instructions have operands decoded
2016-04-15 John DetterStarted working on VEX operand decoding.
2016-04-15 John DetterAVX and AVX2 decoded (working on decoding opcodes)
2016-04-15 John DetterProject building
2016-04-15 John DetterVEX2 and VEX3 now have their own tables
2016-04-15 John DetterDyninst can now recognize about 50 VEX instructions
2016-04-15 Bill WilliamsICC sample works
2016-04-15 Bill WilliamsInitial VEX prefix work.
2015-12-08 Bill WilliamsFix bad decodes (per testsuite, which is actually corre...
2015-11-20 Bill WilliamsFix bad decodes (per testsuite, which is actually corre...
2015-11-13 Bill WilliamsStack of IAPI fixes based on fuzz testing.
2015-11-11 Bill WilliamsFurther decoding fixes.
2015-10-28 Bill WilliamsInstructionAPI decoding fixes.
2015-06-10 Xiaozhu MengMerge branch 'IndirectControlFlow' into parsing
2015-04-06 Xiaozhu Meng1. Add interface to get the prefered loading address...
2015-03-27 Xiaozhu MengMerge branch 'master' into IndirectControlFlow
2015-03-25 Alex MorrisInstructionAPI Integer Multiply
2015-02-13 Xiaozhu Meng1. opcode ptest writes flags rather than reading flags
2014-06-18 Ray ChenIncrease FPOS value.
2014-06-18 Ray ChenAdd entry for SSE cmpsd instruction.
2014-06-18 Ray ChenFix improper use of ia32_locations' REX fields.
2014-02-12 Josh Stonecommon: Skip get_immediate_operand without any imm
2014-02-12 Josh StoneMerge branch 'jistone/coverity'
2014-02-04 Matthew LeGendreRemove prints that were triggering when disassembling...
2014-01-21 Josh StonedyninstAPI: Pad the fixed x86 instructions
2014-01-17 Bill WilliamsWarning cleanup
2013-09-17 Josh StoneMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into warnings
2013-06-13 Andrew BernatMove dynutil/h to common/h; move common/h to common...
2013-05-30 Josh Stonecommon: fix warnings given by gcc 4.8
2013-02-18 Mike LamMisc bug fixes for recent SSE commit
2013-02-04 Andrew BernatAdd SSE3/4.1/4.2 support as implemented by Mouhamed...
2012-07-27 legendre1Update copyright disclaimer structure by outlining...
2011-12-13 Xiaozhu Mengfix a bug in InstructionAPI:
2011-04-14 Andrew BernatMerge branch 'master' into NewInstpoint
2011-03-30 Andrew BernatFixed several bugs and polished AMD-64 instrumentation...
2011-03-21 Bill WilliamsBug fix for O|SS: decoding garbage no longer asserts.
2011-03-21 Andrew BernatPrototype of new graph transformation-based instrumenta...
2011-03-17 Nathan RosenblumMoving entryIDs.h to dynutil.h to eliminate a bad depen...
2011-03-16 Madhavi KrishnanUpdate copyright
2011-03-08 Ray ChenPreliminary support for vxWorks/x86 platform.
2011-01-13 Andrew BernatFix bug in decoding far calls.
2011-01-05 unknownTreat finit as a dummy FP instruction
2010-11-16 unknownFix a bug decoding calls that use MOD/RM expressions
2010-11-12 Andrew BernatRevert "Merge branch 'Kevin-Drew' of
2010-11-11 Mike LamAdded missing instruction entries to IAPI string map
2010-10-01 Ray ChenBring VxWorks platform up to speed with GIT HEAD.
2010-08-13 Todd FrederickNote that SCAS instruction writes standard flags
2010-08-06 Bill WilliamsFix for missing fucompp instruction; test added.
2010-08-03 Andrew BernatFix edge instrumentation, add FPU instruction back...
2010-07-16 Bill WilliamsFixes for memory tests:
2010-06-24 Todd FrederickMerge branch 'master' into devel
2010-06-16 Kevin RoundyWe were previously not decoding the x86 loop instructio...
2010-06-14 Todd FrederickMerge branch 'master' into devel
2010-06-14 Nathan RosenblumSplits the binary code parsing out into a separate...