1. Fix x86-64 codegen for binary operators with 64-bit imm values
[dyninst.git] / common / src / arch-x86.C
2018-10-26 Xiaozhu Meng1. Fix x86-64 codegen for binary operators with 64...
2018-05-29 Xiaozhu Mengstd::once_flag should not be declared as local variables
2018-04-25 Xiaozhu Meng1. Clean up CMake files for finding and linking boost...
2018-02-21 Bill WilliamsCheckpoint for ARM testing
2018-02-20 Bill WilliamsMerge John's changes and update test suite.
2018-02-09 John Mellor-Crummeyavoid initializing c++ object in an inner scope, which...
2018-01-07 John Mellor-Crummeyrace-free version with specific fake locks.
2017-11-03 John Mellor-Crummeyparsing binaries with OpenMP divide-and-conquer
2017-11-01 Bill WilliamsEnsure we don't duplicate frames in the worklist.
2017-09-27 Bill WilliamsMerge branch 'master' into new-parallel-parsing
2017-09-26 Bill WilliamsNow getting actual parallelism:
2017-08-29 Xiaozhu MengDisplacements should be signed integers
2017-08-22 Bill WilliamsMerge checkpoint
2017-08-12 John DetterMerge branch 'att_syntax' into release10.0/fixes/372 393/head
2017-08-12 John DetterFix for AVX512 version of vcvtsi2sd
2017-07-23 John DetterCleaned up, verified ModR/M parsing in common/arch...
2017-05-10 Bill WilliamsWIP towards parallel parsing
2017-02-02 John DetterIntel decoding documentation synced for Github
2017-02-02 John DetterAdded more comments for Intel decoding, added decoding...
2017-02-01 John Dettergetsec had no instruction name, added xrstors
2017-01-19 John DetterAll documented implicit operands have been added. This...
2017-01-17 John DetterMarked more floating point instructions with implicit...
2017-01-12 John DetterSmall operand ordering fix for vmovhpd
2017-01-12 John DetterFixed some ModRM parsing issues reported by Nathan...
2017-01-10 John DetterMarking more operands as implicit
2016-12-20 John DetterWarning fixes
2016-12-20 John DetterAdded extra element to ia32_entrys
2016-12-14 John DetterSuppressed debug output
2016-12-08 John DetterMore testsuite fixes
2016-12-08 John DetterWorking on adding generated instruction decorations
2016-12-02 John DetterMerge branch 'att_syntax' of github.com/dyninst/dyninst...
2016-11-29 John DetterFixes for all but one of Nathan's x86 issues.
2016-11-28 John DetterMerge pull request #271 from dyninst/release9.2/fixes...
2016-11-22 John DetterRemoved unreachable instructions. Moved all remaining...
2016-11-16 John DetterOld API restored
2016-11-07 John DetterFixed several of Nathan's reported issues including...
2016-08-23 John DetterMore instruction fixes
2016-08-22 John DetterImplicit operands marked for some FPU instructions
2016-08-22 John DetterSyntax fixes, instruction suffixes updated and other...
2016-08-17 John DetterAdded support for implicit operands for AT&T syntax
2016-08-17 John DetterInital support for x86 implicit operands
2016-07-06 John DetterAdded missing CRC32 instruction variation 115/head
2016-07-06 John DetterAES instruction extension complete.
2016-07-06 John DetterAdding support for aes instruction set extension
2016-06-27 John DetterFixed Mark Krentel's build issue
2016-06-21 John DetterFixed test_mem* issues
2016-06-21 John DetterMerge branch 'master' into VEX
2016-06-20 John DetterFixed a memory decoding issue
2016-06-20 John DetterBinary rewriting (IP relative) has been cleaned up...
2016-06-20 John DetterFixed memory addressing assert
2016-06-20 John DetterBinary rewriting bugs fixed -- still segfault's with...
2016-06-20 John DetterBug fixes for instruction parsing
2016-06-20 John DetterError checking improvements
2016-06-17 John DetterImplemented rewriting fix -- testing
2016-06-16 Xiaozhu MengMerge branch 'vs_build_fixes' of https://github.com...
2016-06-15 Peter Foleyuse thread_local for VS compatibility
2016-06-14 John DetterFixed build issue in common/src/arch-x86.C
2016-06-14 John DetterAdded the last missing instructions from John Mellor...
2016-06-14 John Detter64 bit translate issue fixed
2016-06-14 John DetterSeveral SSE instructions fixed, one VEX instruction...
2016-06-14 John DetterMerge branch 'VEX' of github.com/dyninst/dyninst into VEX
2016-06-14 John DetterAdded support for xbegin, xabort
2016-06-14 Xiaozhu MengCorrectly decode movsxd instruction operand sizes
2016-06-13 John DetterFixed instruction semantic assert issue
2016-06-13 John DetterMerge branch 'VEX' of github.com/dyninst/dyninst into VEX
2016-06-13 John DetterInstruction movlsq->movsx mnumonic and operand fix
2016-06-13 John DetterFix for mapREX
2016-06-13 John DetterAnother REX fix
2016-06-13 John DetterFix for Xiaozhu's issue
2016-06-10 John Detterkmask memory addressing mode now properly parses modr...
2016-06-10 John DetterFix for square root floating point instructions (#82)
2016-06-10 John Dettersseidx fixes for group map tables
2016-06-10 John DetterPatch for sseMapTer decoding logic issue.
2016-06-10 John DetterGit log corrections -- small fixes 82/head
2016-06-10 John DetterSignificant fixes to John Mellor-Crummey's binary parsi...
2016-06-09 John DetterFixed floating point square root instructions
2016-06-09 John DetterSignificant fixes to John Crummy's binary parsing issue.
2016-06-03 John DetterSmall fixes for addressing modes V and W
2016-06-03 John DetterAddressing mode am_V fix for high numbered floating...
2016-05-23 John DetterMasking registers are now part of the operand list
2016-05-23 John DetterSmall VEX bug fixes found by Nathan
2016-05-19 John DetterFixed misparsed group instructions
2016-05-19 John DetterBacked off symtab change
2016-05-18 John DetterSmall bug/instrution fixes.
2016-05-17 John DetterAdded a variety of instructions including non-volatile...
2016-05-14 John DetterMore small VEX instruction fixes
2016-05-13 John DetterFixed vmread/vmwrite
2016-05-13 John Dettergroup map VEX instructions have much cleaner decoding.
2016-05-13 John DetterFixing some VEX instruction bugs
2016-05-13 John DetterMinor Refactoring
2016-05-12 John DetterImplemented rdrand instruction. Now having issue with...
2016-05-11 John DetterFixed issue with REP/REPZ decodings
2016-05-11 John DetterFixed some issues that the table verifier found
2016-05-04 John DetterMerge branch 'master' into VEX
2016-05-04 John DetterFixed issue with null pointer dereference in InstructionAPI
2016-05-02 John DetterFixed instruction name typo
2016-05-02 John DetterSSEB table had an off by one entry -- vblendv[ps, pd...
2016-04-26 John DetterVEX register operands working with am_H, am_V, am_W...
2016-04-21 John DetterWorking on adding higher number register support for...
2016-04-21 John DetterAdded addressing modes into common