Warning cleanup. Applying RH's Dyninst patches to 8.1, this one originally by Willia...
[dyninst.git] / common / src / Annotatable.C
2013-02-27 Matthew LeGendreWarning cleanup. Applying RH's Dyninst patches to...
2012-07-27 legendre1Update copyright disclaimer structure by outlining...
2012-04-13 legendre1Remove boost copy from Dyninst. Disable serialization.
2011-03-16 Madhavi KrishnanUpdate copyright
2010-12-10 Matthew LegendreFixes for StackwalkerAPI on BlueGene
2010-12-07 Matthew P. LegendreWarning cleanup
2010-09-23 Matthew LeGendrelibcommon build fixes for BlueGene
2009-11-23 Matthew LegendreUpdate copyright to LGPL on all files
2009-10-29 James Waskiewiczmore serialization bugfixes/cleaning, etc
2009-10-24 James Waskiewiczmore serialization polishing, crash & bugfixes
2009-10-16 James Waskiewiczmerge commit for serialization
2009-10-13 James Waskiewiczpremerge commit
2009-10-08 James Waskiewiczmore serialization stuff
2009-08-19 James Waskiewiczmore serialization, fleshing out of test_ser_anno
2009-07-30 James Waskiewiczmore on serializing annotations
2009-07-29 James Waskiewiczpreliminary interface for generic/automatic annotation...
2009-02-06 Matthew LegendreMerge branch 'master' of git.dyninst.org:/pub/dyninst
2009-02-06 Matthew LegendreBug fixes that go with the Binary Rewriter features
2009-02-06 Bill WilliamsWindows build fixes, take 1:
2009-02-05 Matthew LegendreBug fixes from testing binaryEdit changes
2009-01-28 James Waskiewiczfixes error with annotation schema where you can specif...
2009-01-20 unknowncheckpoint for merge
2009-01-16 Andrew BernatFix odd problem with AIX initializing libraries in...
2009-01-08 unknownTemporary checkpoint
2009-01-08 U-conan\legendreFixes for VS 2008
2009-01-07 James Waskiewiczvarious fixes made when working with older gcc 3.2.3
2008-12-12 unknownCheckpoint; Windows build works.
2008-12-05 unknowncheckpoint
2008-12-03 James WaskiewiczRestore Annotation classes to Dyninst:: namespace.
2008-11-03 jawFINAL ?? CVS commit -- adds Jeff & Matt's reworked...
2008-09-19 jawmore serialization stuff, still disabled under the...
2008-09-05 jawwindows build fix ... Also get rid of common/h/Types.h
2008-09-03 jawFor the most part all the changes here are behind-the...
2008-06-19 legendreClean up gcc compiler warnings
2008-04-07 giriDLLEXPORT AnnotatableBase constructor
2008-02-07 jawMoves Annotable-related classes to dynutils dir. Note...
2008-01-16 legendreRemove compiler warnings and debugging prints
2008-01-03 jawreduce cost-per-object of annotations by storing annota...
2008-01-03 legendreRemoved debugging prints
2007-12-14 jawMake annotation system typesafe and more compact...
2007-09-17 tugrulMoving Annotation Framework into common library