Removed $(FLAGS) from ASFLAGS, beucause this is causing problems when
[dyninst.git] / common / h /
1995-12-10 tamchesadded some comments
1995-12-09 tamchessplit timer routines into Timer.h and Timer.C
1995-12-08 tamchesadded printing (for debugging purposes)
1995-12-08 tamchesfirst version of priority queue class
1995-12-03 newhallchange so that it will compile using g++ 2.7.1
1995-11-29 krisnahpux symbol table code
1995-11-29 tamcheswill now compile under g++ 2.7.1 on sunos
1995-11-22 mjrgIgnore undefined symbols.
1995-11-22 mjrgUpdates for paradyndPVM on solaris
1995-11-08 naimAdding matherr exception handler function to avoid...
1995-11-08 naimAdding matherr exception handler function to avoid...
1995-11-06 tamchesfirst version of DictionaryLite
1995-10-26 tamchesremoved some warnings under g++ 2.7.0
1995-10-26 tamchesremoved some warnings
1995-09-22 tamchesRemoved warnings via correct usage of the C++ keyword...
1995-09-18 newhallchange so that sqrt(-3) is not called everytime this...
1995-09-18 newhallchanged argument type in getBinValue
1995-09-15 mjrgadded P_chmod.
1995-09-15 mjrgadded P_chdir.
1995-09-08 krisnastupid way to avoid the for-scope problem
1995-08-24 hollingsAIX/SP-2 port (including option for split instruction...
1995-08-20 newhalladded fold_on_inactive flag
1995-08-05 krisnado not use <memory.h> in a C++ program, use <stdlib...
1995-08-01 newhallfix to how global time is computed
1995-07-16 tamchesSplit string class into a .h and .C component; strings...
1995-07-06 newhallsupport for Histograms with non-zero start time
1995-06-21 krisna`namespace' is a reserved word in C++
1995-06-02 newhalladded a NaN value generator
1995-05-30 krisnachanged ST_* symbol table names to PDST_* (to avoid...
1995-05-30 krisnaupgrade from solaris-2.3 to solaris-2.4
1995-05-18 markcadd P_xdrrec_eof
1995-03-07 krisnaremove warnings
1995-03-02 krisnabetter detection of data segment address ranges
1995-02-27 markcParentheses around "unsigned" allow gcc v 2.6.2 to...
1995-02-26 newhallre-organized some of the header files so that definitio...
1995-02-23 markcRemoved extract method, which is not part of the stl...
1995-02-22 tamchesChanged "delete" to "delete []"
1995-02-16 markcMust have been sleepy when I did the commit.
1995-02-16 markcModified code to remove compiler warnings.
1995-02-10 jcargillFixed bzero prototype
1995-01-26 jcargillChanged includes to conform to our standard; fixed...
1994-12-21 tamchesMade the "allConstants" variable protected and added...
1994-12-21 tamchesGreatly cleaned up the interface; no data members are...
1994-11-11 markcAdded additional argument to RPC_make_arg_list and...
1994-11-04 tamchessetValue() for boolean tc's now correctly invokes its...
1994-11-02 markcChanged name of default module.
1994-11-01 markcAdded Object classes that provide os independent symbol...
1994-10-26 tamchesDefaulted min&max to 0 for floats with no min/max in...
1994-10-12 krisnahpux update
1994-09-22 markcchanges to remove compiler warnings
1994-09-22 markcadded postfix ++ operator
1994-09-22 markcChanged private pointers to char* from void* since...
1994-09-22 markcadded virtual destructor
1994-09-22 markcchanged char* to const char *
1994-09-02 markcAdded missing semicolon to end of typedef
1994-09-02 markcMoved typedef for stringHandle outside of stringPool.h
1994-08-20 markcAdded new machine type.
1994-08-17 markcAdded new classes: Cstring KeyList, KList
1994-08-17 markcMoved the definitions of the << operator into the class...
1994-08-05 hollingsMore consistant use of stringHandle vs. char *.
1994-08-03 hollingssplit tunable constant into Boolean and Float sub-classes.
1994-07-28 krisnachanged declaration of xdrIOFunc to conform to prototypes
1994-07-26 hollingsadded cast to ensure hash table pointers are positive.
1994-07-19 markcMade machineName default to zero as last parameter...
1994-07-18 hollingsadded extra arg to RPC_make_arg_list.
1994-07-11 jcargillFixed bug where added two lists with (+=) operator...
1994-07-07 markcAdded removeAll function to list class.
1994-07-02 markcRename aggregation operator defines.
1994-06-29 hollingsAdded destructor to Histogram class.
1994-06-15 markcAdded log.
1994-06-15 markcConstants for aggregation.
1994-06-14 markcAdded aggregation operator to sampleInfo class.
1994-06-02 markcModified RPCUser class to support improved error checki...
1994-05-30 hollingsadded pragma for external g++ functions.
1994-05-10 hollingsChanged hist data upcall to return array of buckets...
1994-04-21 hollingsremoved paradynd name from make args function.
1994-04-20 hollingsAdded method to get histogram buckets.
1994-04-06 markcCleaned up rpcUtil.h. Moved include files to rpcUtil...
1994-04-01 hollingsmade max number of bins public.
1994-03-31 hollingsadded well known port as a paramter to xdrRPC constructor.
1994-03-26 hollingsChanged sample time from time64 to sampleTime.
1994-03-25 markcAdded option to specify timeout on readReady.
1994-03-24 hollingsMoved aggregation of samples here.
1994-03-20 markcChanged xdr_Boolean to char rather than int to reflect...
1994-03-11 hollingsChanged Boolean from int to char to match X11 convention.
1994-03-08 hollingsAdded fold callback and changed from multiple data...
1994-03-01 markcRemoved redundant includes.
1994-02-28 hollingsChanged global list to be a pointer to a list because...
1994-02-27 markcPut in fix to prevent malloc from being redefined.
1994-02-25 markcRPC_undo_arg_list expects reference args, not pointers.
1994-02-25 markcAdded support to allow compilation on mips.
1994-02-25 hollingsadded tunable constants.
1994-02-24 markcMan page for librpcUtil.a
1994-02-16 markc Supports PVM version of igen.
1994-02-10 hollingsFixed list.h ++ function to work when a hash table...
1994-02-09 hollingsAdded print routines to list and hash table.
1994-02-08 hollingsMake libutil more compatable with ATT CC.
1994-02-04 jcargillTrivial change to compile under ultrix
1994-02-03 hollingschanged listHash to a macro to work with g++ 2.5.2.