bill's changes to parallelize symtab.
[dyninst.git] / cmake /
2018-01-07 John Mellor-CrummeyFindCilk not needed with icc. Cilk not interesting...
2017-11-25 John Mellor-Crummeyfix cmake endian check
2017-11-24 John Mellor-Crummeycheck and report endianness with cmake
2017-11-13 John Mellor-Crummeyswitch from Cilk to OpenMP. Fix #if that control progra...
2017-11-08 John Mellor-Crummeycommit changes to use cilk to go detect data races...
2017-11-03 John Mellor-Crummeyparsing binaries with OpenMP divide-and-conquer
2017-10-20 Bill WilliamsBuilds cleanly under icc17; TBB found properly via...
2017-10-18 Bill Williamsbuilds clean under icc
2017-10-10 Bill WilliamsBacked out DWARF parallelism. Fixed memory leaks and...
2017-09-27 Bill WilliamsMerge branch 'master' into new-parallel-parsing
2017-09-26 Bill WilliamsNow getting actual parallelism:
2017-08-24 Xiaozhu MengMerge branch 'libdw' into jumptable_rebase
2017-08-23 Sasha NicolasMerge branch 'sasha/libdw_deploy' into v9.3.x
2017-08-18 Sasha NicolasCleaning up some code. Fixing DwarfWalker::decodeExpres...
2017-08-18 Sasha NicolasAdapting Object-elf.C
2017-08-18 Sasha NicolasStarting to change the library used for dwarf parsin.
2017-08-18 Bill WilliamsIncrement version and add changelog for 9.3.1
2017-05-17 Bill WilliamsMerge branch 'jump_table_multi_slices' of https://githu...
2017-05-10 Bill WilliamsWIP towards parallel parsing
2017-05-10 Bill WilliamsMerge branch 'v9.3.x'
2017-04-17 Bill WilliamsBump patch version 362/head
2017-03-14 Josh StonePass CFLAGS to libdwarf and libiberty
2017-03-14 Bill WilliamsCMake fixup: export C++ ABI settings for test suite... 349/head
2017-03-02 Bill WilliamsIncrement version and add changelog for 9.3.1
2017-02-09 Bill WilliamsExplicitly search for, as is...
2017-02-01 Bill WilliamsMerge pull request #318 from dyninst/url_libelf_update
2017-01-31 Sasha NicolasChanging the URL of libelf to download elfutil. 318/head
2017-01-29 Peter FoleyMerge pull request #168 from pefoley2/types
2016-12-20 Bill WilliamsVersion bump for release.
2016-12-07 Bill WilliamsAuto-detect RTlib name on Unix-ish based on library...
2016-11-30 rafzicmake: only make LibDwarf depend on LibElf if that... 279/head
2016-11-29 rafziFix dependency of LibDwarf
2016-11-21 Peter Foleydisable cmake boost debugging by default
2016-11-21 Peter Foleyfix cmake warning
2016-11-11 Peter FoleyMake boost work for both debug and release 168/head
2016-11-06 Peter Foleyfix icc warning flags 206/head
2016-11-04 Bill WilliamsMerge pull request #171 from pefoley2/lto
2016-10-31 Bill WilliamsDisable multi-index serialization so we'll actually...
2016-10-31 Bill WilliamsSet boost lib layout to system--we're building one...
2016-10-31 Bill WilliamsExplicitly link Symtab against Boost libs
2016-10-31 Bill WilliamsDisable boost auto-link on Windows and have it always...
2016-10-31 Bill WilliamsTweak boost as external project settings
2016-10-31 Bill WilliamsCleanup
2016-10-31 Bill WilliamsDisable boost's variadic templates under MSVC, as they...
2016-10-31 Bill WilliamsLine info fixes: nwchem is now running clean. There...
2016-10-31 Bill WilliamsRename emitElf64, fix 32-bit build
2016-10-31 Peter Foleylto
2016-10-30 Peter FoleyDisable unnecessary FindBoost debugging output by default
2016-10-18 Bill Williamspefoley2-boost_win (#194)
2016-09-25 Rafael Stahlcmake: Fix not building when libiberty is automatically... 183/head
2016-08-30 John DetterTesting cotire modifications 164/head
2016-08-30 John DetterMore cotire restrictions added.
2016-08-30 John DetterMoved cotire logic to shared.cmake
2016-08-30 John DetterCheck cmake version to make sure cotire is supported
2016-08-30 John DetterCheck GCC version and decide whether or not to use...
2016-08-21 Peter Foleylimit build types
2016-08-21 Peter Foleydisable unity builds
2016-08-21 Peter Foleyparallize vc++ builds
2016-08-21 Peter Foleycotire vs fixes
2016-08-21 Peter Foleycotire
2016-08-21 Peter Foleyreduce warning spam from system headers
2016-06-29 Bill WilliamsBump version to 9.2.0 and update README with 9.2 releas...
2016-06-15 Peter FoleyCleanup _snprintf logic
2016-06-15 Peter Foleybundle cvconst.h
2016-05-16 Bill WilliamsMerge 9.2 branch back to master (#51)
2016-05-06 Peter Foleyfix cmake 3.5 warnings
2016-05-06 Bill WilliamsMerge pull request #10 from mcfadden8/ppc64le
2016-05-04 Josh Stonecmake: make the c++11 abi configurable, default unset
2016-05-03 Marty McFadden 1) Cmake support for PPC64LE builds
2016-04-21 Bill WilliamsGCC 4.8 build fixes: ensure all extern template declara...
2016-04-15 Bill WilliamsInitial gcc5 support (force old ABI for compatiblity...
2016-03-24 Peter Foleycmake cleanup and fixes
2016-03-17 Bill WilliamsPPC/little-endian build patch
2016-03-17 Bill WilliamsEmitElf refactoring, stage 1: created elfTypes traits...
2016-03-14 Sunny ShahMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2016-02-23 Allison MorrisBuild compatibility with Visual Studio 2015.
2016-01-12 Allison MorrisVarious DataflowAPI, DyninstAPI, PatchAPI, and runtime...
2015-11-16 Bill WilliamsUpdated to 9.1
2015-11-13 Bill WilliamsStack of IAPI fixes based on fuzz testing.
2015-10-22 Bill WilliamsAdd boost additional versions through 1.59
2015-10-22 Bill WilliamsRe-enable 32-bit RTlib option, but default to disabled.
2015-10-22 Bill WilliamsFix cmake exports
2015-10-14 Bill WilliamsAdd boost additional versions through 1.59
2015-09-28 Bill WilliamsRe-enable 32-bit RTlib option, but default to disabled.
2015-09-18 Bill WilliamsFix cmake exports
2015-09-11 Bill WilliamsMake package target optional
2015-09-09 Bill WilliamsFixes for symLite and tarball targets
2015-08-25 Bill WilliamsBump patch number
2015-08-25 Bill WilliamsOutput configured version.h to source tree
2015-08-24 Bill WilliamsBump patch version v9.0.2
2015-08-21 Bill WilliamsFix whitespace
2015-08-21 Bill WilliamsUse a version.h for plugging in version #defines, not...
2015-08-21 Bill WilliamsChange default doc dir to share/doc v9.0.1
2015-08-21 Bill WilliamsBump patch version
2015-08-20 Bill WilliamsAdd compile defs for version information.
2015-08-11 Bill WilliamsMove docs back to main repository, with CMake targets...
2015-07-27 Bill WilliamsICC detection enabled under CMake, from Rashawn Knapp...
2015-05-22 Emily Gember-JacobsonDefine cap_stack_mods and properly limit stack mods...
2015-05-22 Steve modified: cmake/cap_arch_def.cmake
2015-05-22 Bill WilliamsInitial cmake fixes