Deprecate Blue Gene/Q support (#662)
[dyninst.git] / CMakeLists.txt
2019-10-11 Tim HainesDeprecate Blue Gene/Q support (#662)
2019-10-04 Tim HainesUse CMAKE_xx_COMPILER when building external dependenci...
2019-05-15 Tim HainesUpdate LibIberty to new build system (#601)
2019-05-10 Tim HainesBump minimum CMake version to 3.4.0 (#598)
2019-05-02 Sasha NĂ­colasFixing TBB dependencies during build. (#570)
2019-05-02 Tim HainesElfutils cleanup (#591)
2019-05-02 Tim HainesTBB Cleanup (#584)
2019-05-02 Tim HainesBoost cleanup (#578)
2019-01-22 rafzifix missing installation of libdw when installing elfutils
2018-12-07 Xiaozhu MengMerge pull request #510 from dyninst/fix/whileExpr
2018-12-06 LER0evercmake: export CompilerCommands for IDE jump-to-def...
2018-11-30 Stan CoxInstall docs into target doc dirs 506/head
2018-10-30 LER0everbuild: add pr 496 patch
2018-10-25 Xiaozhu MengMerge branch 'master' into new-parallel-parsing 488/head
2018-10-24 LER0everbuild: add pr 496 patch
2018-10-18 LER0everbuild: add pr 496 patch
2018-10-17 LER0evercmake: fix msvc complaints about target dependency 496/head
2018-10-17 LER0evercmake: add conditional check for whether we are buildin...
2018-10-17 LER0evercmake: add boost to all dyninst libraries and DyninstRT...
2018-06-19 Xiaozhu Meng1. Do not make testsuite a requirement for installing...
2018-05-22 Xiaozhu MengFix implicit operands
2018-04-03 Bill WilliamsMerge branch 'master' into new-parallel-parsing
2018-03-13 Bill WilliamsFix for libelf install glob
2018-02-21 Bill WilliamsCheckpoint for ARM testing
2018-02-09 Bill WilliamsCleanup: remove dead code, use call_once for singleton...
2017-12-20 Bill WilliamsAdd examples directory and add ParseAPI CFG example...
2017-10-30 Bill WilliamsMake RTlib CMake output a bit more verbose
2017-10-20 Bill WilliamsBuilds cleanly under icc17; TBB found properly via...
2017-10-18 Bill WilliamsRemove hard-coded development dependencies
2017-09-27 Bill WilliamsMerge branch 'master' into new-parallel-parsing
2017-09-26 Bill WilliamsNow getting actual parallelism:
2017-08-18 Sasha NicolasAdapting Object-elf.C
2017-05-10 Bill WilliamsWIP towards parallel parsing
2016-11-11 Peter FoleydynC for Windows
2016-10-31 Bill WilliamsExplicitly link Symtab against Boost libs
2016-10-30 Peter FoleyFix typo in Boost_FOUND conditional
2016-10-18 Bill Williamspefoley2-boost_win (#194)
2016-09-28 Peter Foleycmake cleanup
2016-08-30 John DetterMoved cotire logic to shared.cmake
2016-08-30 John DetterCheck cmake version to make sure cotire is supported
2016-08-30 John DetterCheck GCC version and decide whether or not to use...
2016-08-26 John DetterFixes make install issue 161/head
2016-08-22 Bill WilliamsMerge pull request #19 from pefoley2/appveyor
2016-08-21 Peter Foleybuild DyninstAPI_RT_static too
2016-08-21 Peter Foleycleanup DyninstRT cmake configuration
2016-06-29 Bill WilliamsUpdate manuals and docs target for 9.2.
2016-06-15 Peter Foleydon't build parseThat on windows
2016-06-15 Peter FoleyBuild DyninstAPI_RT on Windows
2016-06-15 Peter Foleydon't build docs by default under VS
2016-05-16 Bill WilliamsMerge 9.2 branch back to master (#51)
2016-05-06 Peter Foleybuild and install parseThat with cmake
2016-04-15 Bill WilliamsFix vpadd decoding. Clean up control flow target logic...
2016-03-24 Peter FoleyNEED_NATIVE_ASSEMBLER is unused
2016-03-24 Peter FoleyRespect make -j for DyninstRT
2015-09-11 Bill WilliamsMake package target optional
2015-09-09 Bill WilliamsFixes for symLite and tarball targets
2015-08-25 Bill WilliamsOutput configured version.h to source tree
2015-08-21 Bill WilliamsUse a version.h for plugging in version #defines, not...
2015-08-20 Bill WilliamsOnly build the package target if the source tree is...
2015-08-20 Bill WilliamsProper dependency tracking for LaTeX manuals. Docs...
2015-08-12 Bill WilliamsMake word doc targets consistent with LaTeX ones
2015-08-12 Bill WilliamsRemove dependency from component to its manual; ensure...
2015-08-12 Bill WilliamsRemove docs from all; make doc installation optional
2015-08-11 Bill WilliamsTwo-pass LATEX for generating correct references
2015-08-11 Bill WilliamsMove docs back to main repository, with CMake targets...
2015-07-06 unknownVarious defensive mode fixes.
2015-05-08 Bill WilliamsCMake fixes for building/installing components separately.
2014-09-05 Bill WilliamsMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-08-19 Bill WilliamsCMake changes for better/safer RTlib assembly building. v8.2.0
2014-07-01 Josh StonedynC: Fix soname and exports
2014-06-25 Bill WilliamsWindows build fixes.
2014-06-23 ParadynMerge branch 'v8.2' of ssh://
2014-06-19 Bill WilliamsInitial dynC CMakeLists
2014-04-30 Bill WilliamsInitial dynC CMakeLists
2014-04-22 Josh StoneMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into v8.2
2014-03-17 Bill WilliamsAllow us to link against boost shared libraries
2014-03-10 Matthew LeGendrePass any custom lib and include install locations to...
2014-02-04 ParadynMore windows fixes
2014-02-04 ParadynMore windows fixes
2014-01-27 Matthew LeGendreMerge branch 'master' of
2014-01-17 Bill WilliamsCMake 2.6 compatibility fixes.
2014-01-15 Matthew LeGendreMerge branch 'master' of
2014-01-13 Bill WilliamsBuild fix
2014-01-10 Bill WilliamsRe-transpose arguments, because CMake 2.6 is dumb
2014-01-10 Bill WilliamsProper fix for building RTlib under CMake 2.6
2014-01-09 Bill WilliamsTwo more CMake 2.6 fixes: proper order of arguments...
2014-01-09 Bill WilliamsFixed a CMake 2.6 bug where it wouldn't recognize libdw...
2013-12-20 Matthew LeGendreClean RT library cmake cache before configuring to...
2013-12-12 William WilliamsFixes for three bugs: tie CMake version dependency...
2013-12-11 Matthew LeGendreFix installation issues from RT library cmake split
2013-11-27 Matthew LeGendreRefactor RT library into separate CMake project so...
2013-11-26 Matthew LeGendreDefault to libiberty demangler
2013-11-25 Matthew LeGendreEnable built-in gcc demangler rather than libiberty's
2013-10-24 Josh StoneReally enable -fvisibility=hidden for GCC builds
2013-09-10 Bill WilliamsCMake patches: only install libdwarf/libelf if we built...
2013-08-22 Bill WilliamsRedid static ctor/dtor handling to be compatible with...
2013-08-15 Bill WilliamsEnable verbose FindBoost
2013-08-15 Bill WilliamsExternalize dwarf/elf, search for PIC libiberty
2013-08-15 Bill WilliamsAppend RTlib properties, don't overwrite
2013-08-15 Bill WilliamsAdded -fvisibility=hidden to Linux builds, with export...