2015-08-10 ParadynUpdates for 9.0 master
2015-08-05 Xiaozhu MengFix names in BPatch_loopTreeNode
2015-07-28 Xiaozhu MengUpdate DyninstAPI.doc to include new loop interfaces...
2015-06-29 Matthew LeGendreFix documentation to note TLS interfaces as const
2015-05-19 Emily Gember... Added stack modifications to Dyninst documentation
2015-02-10 Matthew LeGendreAdd documentation for new TLS read/write interfaces...
2014-08-19 Bill WilliamsMoved Dyninst PDF to root directory v8.2.0.1
2014-08-19 Bill WilliamsUpdated LaTeX manuals for 8.2
2014-08-19 ParadynUpdates for final 8.2 changes v8.2.0
2014-07-23 Paradyn8.2 updates
2014-05-06 Emily JacobsonAdd header file to retee.C and add retee to examples...
2014-01-31 Emily JacobsonMoved DyninstAPI documentation to a dyninstAPI/ directo...
2014-01-31 Emily R. JacobsonUpdated DyninstAPI doucmentation examples
2014-01-24 Emily R. JacobsonFixed a few function prototypes in the DyninstAPI manual
2014-01-14 Emily JacobsonUpdated ParseAPI pdf to remove nonexistent API call...
2013-04-29 Matthew LeGendreDocument new methods in Library class
2013-04-24 Zuyu ZhangAdded BPatch_module functions
2013-04-08 Zuyu ZhangAdded SD-Dyninst specific callbacks in DyninstAPI manual
2013-04-07 Zuyu ZhangCorrect all page number in the DyninstAPI manual
2013-04-07 Zuyu ZhangAdded several subclasses of BPatch_snippet in DyninstAP...
2013-03-06 Andrew BernatMerge branch 'master' of v8.1.1
2013-03-06 Zuyu ZhangClean up duplicated manual
2013-03-05 Zuyu ZhangMerge branch 'master' of
2013-03-05 Zuyu ZhangParseAPI manual updates
2013-03-04 Zuyu ZhangProcControlAPI update
2013-03-04 Zuyu ZhangMerge branch 'master' of
2013-03-04 Zuyu ZhangProcControlAPI manuals update
2013-03-01 Andrew BernatUpdate ParseAPI doc
2013-03-01 Zuyu ZhangRemove execution permission for ProcControlAPI manual
2013-03-01 Zuyu ZhangMinor changes made in DyninstAPI for 8.1
2013-03-01 Andrew BernatParseAPI update
2013-03-01 Andrew BernatUpdate docs to 8.1:
2013-02-28 Andrew BernatFix a weird Word font embedding issue by washing it...
2013-02-28 ParadynAdd BPatch_whileExpr
2013-02-28 ParadynProcControlAPI version date update
2013-02-28 Andrew BernatMerge branch 'master' of
2013-02-28 ParadynUpdate ProcControlAPI and DyninstAPI PDFs and word...
2013-01-30 Andrew BernatUpdated ParseAPI docs with Block::getInsns, Block:...
2013-01-30 Andrew BernatAdded Process::addLibrary, bumped version number to...
2013-01-30 Andrew BernatUpdate example to compile on v8.0.
2013-01-30 Andrew BernatMerge branch 'master' of
2012-12-18 Zuyu ZhangAdd operator<() within mem_perm nested class
2012-12-18 Zuyu ZhangAdd mem_perm class within ProcControlAPI::Process for...
2012-12-17 Matthew LeGendreFix bad documentation commit
2012-12-13 Matthew LeGendreDocument new leaveStopped parameter
2012-12-01 Andrew BernatCorrect zip code on all docs.
2012-12-01 Andrew BernatRename Stackwalker.
2012-12-01 Andrew BernatUpdated StackwalkerAPI PDF
2012-11-30 Andrew BernatAdd IAPI documentation
2012-11-30 Andrew BernatAdd 8.0, Latex-ified Stackwalker PDF
2012-11-28 Bill WilliamsStackwalker manual as plaintext, updated ParseAPI manual
2012-11-19 Andrew BernatUpdated SymtabAPI doc v8.0
2012-11-19 Evan Samanas Fix Dyninst PDF with a Mac
2012-11-19 Andrew BernatCreate PDF without markup
2012-11-19 Andrew BernatUpdate DyninstAPI docs with new source tree info
2012-11-19 Andrew BernatRename dyninstProgGuide.doc -> DyninstAPI.doc for consi...
2012-11-19 Andrew BernatRename files to match common scheme
2012-11-19 Andrew BernatDoc updates
2012-11-19 Andrew BernatMerge branch 'master' of
2012-11-19 Andrew BernatRemove SymtabAPI Framemaker document
2012-11-19 Andrew BernatAdded v8.0 docs for Parse/Patch/SymtabAPI
2012-10-29 Andrew BernatDocumentation updates.
2012-10-18 Matthew P.... Added Windows, Blue Gene Q and ProcessSet documentation
2012-09-20 Evan SamanasMade updates of a trivial nature to the documentation...
2012-09-19 Wenbin Fangadd patchapi documentation
2012-09-13 Andrew BernatRemove outdated hybrid (malware) analysis section;...
2012-08-27 Emily JacobsonUpdated build, install, and examples for DyninstAPI...
2012-08-15 Emily JacobsonUpdated ParseAPI manual with complete example and heade...
2012-08-09 Emily JacobsonUpdated processCreate/Attach with new mode param,
2012-07-31 Emily JacobsonFixed retee example
2011-05-19 unknownUpdates to ProcControlAPI documentation.
2011-05-11 David AeschlimannFixed two bugs in the Dyninst Programmers Guide. Change...
2011-05-09 David AeschlimannDynC Manual bug fixes, spec updates (specifically the...
2011-04-04 David AeschlimanndynC_API Manual updated version number, changed from...
2011-03-17 Bill WilliamsAdded dynC manual (from /p/paradyn/development/daeschli... Release7_0
2011-03-12 Ray ChenUpdate version of dyninstProgGuide and ProcControlAPI...
2011-03-11 Todd FrederickMove all documentation products to docs repository
2011-03-09 Ray ChenProofreading edits suggested by Cynthia at UMD.
2010-10-07 Matthew LegendreLanguage fixes for ProcControlAPI document
2010-10-06 Matthew LegendreMerge branch 'master' of
2010-10-06 Matthew LegendreUpdates to ProcControlAPI manual
2010-10-06 Matthew LegendreUpdates to ProcControlAPI manual
2010-10-05 Todd FrederickDocumentation update after fix of bug 1108
2010-09-09 Bill WilliamsUpdated test suite docs and AIX post-link information.
2010-09-01 Andrew BernatUse a pointer type instead of decimal.
2010-09-01 Andrew BernatUpdated manual to remove Solaris references and fix...
2010-08-30 Bill WilliamsMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-08-30 Bill WilliamsUpdated Dyninst manual:
2010-08-25 Dan McNultyUpdated documentation for isStaticExecutable method...
2010-08-17 Dan McNultyAdded documentation for new function BPatch_binaryEdit...
2010-06-22 Kevin RoundyAdded documentation for new API function, BPatch_basicB...
2010-04-06 Kevin RoundyReverted comment on BPatch_stopThread.
2010-04-06 Kevin RoundyUpdated required libdwarf version, clarified stopThread...
2010-03-24 Matthew LegendreInitial documentation for ProcControlAPI, only partiall...
2010-02-05 Matthew LegendreFix errors in build section of manual
2009-12-02 Bill WilliamsAdded init/fini callback documentation. Release6_1
2009-11-24 Matthew LegendreAdded BPatch_point::getCalledFunctionName
2009-10-23 Matthew LegendreAdd documentation for createVariable, getInstrStackFram...
2009-06-15 Matthew LegendreAdd documentation for BPatch_addressSpace::allowTraps Release6_0
2009-06-05 RayUpdates header page to reflect 6.0 release.